VERSICO - Versico has a wide range of single-ply roofing systems to meet almost any building design, from our EPDM line of VersiGard Roofing Systems, to our state-of-the-art, thermoplastic line of heat weldable VersiWeld Roofing Systems. And, with a full compliment of accessory products and warranties, Versico has the ability to solve all your roofing needs.
ATLAS ROOFING CORP. - When it comes to selecting the best overall insulation product for roof systems, polyiso is the product of choice. No other foam plastic insulation has the perfect combination of features so important for long-term performance. These performance features provide excellent initial installation costs, as well as attractive life cycle payback rates. Atlas designs and manufactures quality tapered roof insulation systems, which have evolved from a rooftop art to a sophisticated science. Atlas's Tapered Systems Group designs roof systems that drain properly and perform efficiently and is the only resource you need to resolve questions about the tapered phase of insulating.
THE BILCO CO. - The worldwide source for specialty access products. Bilco is the standard name in roof hatches, automatic smoke vents, floor, vault & sidewalk doors as well as the ladder-up safety post and a full line of residential access products.
EXARC SKYLIGHTS - Skylights for every application. They offer units for the commercial and residential markets in a variety of frame and glazing materials. Custom and standard models and fast delivery.
GEORGIA FOAM - Georgia Foam, Inc. offers aged EPS for EIFS systems and custom architectural shapes and moldings produced from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). EPS is a lightweight closed cell resilient foamed plastic. This material is manufactured from virgin beads with no regrinds added.
W.R. GRACE - Waterproofing a building structure is a critical element of its design and construction and no name is as synonomous with waterproofing as W. R. Grace. For almost 50 years, Grace Construction Products has been an established leader in waterproofing technology. For below-grade and above-grade waterproofing, names like Bithuthene, Hydro-Duct and Ice & Water Shield have been applied by the billions of square feet and protect buildings and homes world-wide from water intrusion.
ALDO - Aldo manufactures a line of premium elastomeric coatings, primers and sealers for a variety of roof systems. With this complete product line, Aldo offers building owners and facility managers economical and practical solutions to aging, leaking roof systems. At the same, our environmentally friendly ALDOCOAT white reflective elastomeric roof coatings can lower the overall energy costs for building owners.
KARNAK - One of the most trusted names in the industry, Karnak offers a complete line of cements and coatings for the roofing and waterproofing industries. Karnak is the nationís leading manufacturer of Energy Star rated coatings.
THE PATE CO. - Roof accessories including: roof curbs, equipment supports, expansion joints, along with other products for low-rise construction and pre-engineered metal buildings.
REVERE COPPER - Revere Copper Products, Inc. is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, manufacturing company in the United States. Founded in 1801 by Paul Revere, a prominent silversmith and maker of cast bronze bells and marine hardware, the new company met the young nation's need to establish a strong manufacturing base to preserve and protect its independence. Revere built the first copper rolling mill in the United States in Canton, Massachussetts. Revere's products include copper and copper alloy sheet, copper strip, copper plate, copper bar and extruded copper profiles. We offer a wide range of differentiated products including market leading architectural surfaces and products, specially prepared diamond cut surfaces, silver flashed bar, heavy gauge rings and circles, and specialty profiles.
TAMKO - TAMKO commercial products have set the industry standard for strength and performance for over 50 years. Our Flagship product, Awaplan, is the industryís first and finest SBS roofing membrane system. We also have everything youíll need for APP and B.U.R. systems plus a complete line of above and below grade waterproofing systems and the TAM-PRO line of cements and coatings compliments our commercial systems.
ROOFING & SHEET METAL ASSOCIATION OF GEORGIA - The Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Georgia was established in 1950 to serve the needs of the roofing industry by providing information on products, installation techniques, government regulations, building and energy codes and other topics of importance.