We know the importance of getting materials to the job, where and when you need it. B&L operates a fleet of delivery trucks ranging from pick up trucks to heavy duty flatbeds, equipped with rough terrain, truck-mounted forklifts. We will deliver to any location in the Southeast at an extremely reasonable rate. Canít be at the job? Just fax us a map and tell us exactly where on the jobsite you want the material placed and it will be waiting for you when your crew arrives.


We are the largest supplier of stucco and plaster products in the region. Our in-house color tinting system affords you the quickest possible turn around time when you need acrylic finish for a job. Our custom color program makes a nearly unlimited assortment of colors readily available. And check out our tint bottle system. Not sure youíre going to need that last pail? Weíll put the colorant in a separate container that you mix into the acrylic finish at the jobsite - the same way we do. If you donít need it, just discard the colorant and take the pail to the next job. No wait, no waste!


We know our products and have become experts at preventing construction problems before they occur. When you have complicated questions, our technical sales specialists will assist you in coordinating construction and installation issues and provide you with detailed instructions directly from the manufacturer.