SENERGY - For more than a quarter of a century, Senergy has been a leading provider of EIFS, stucco and specialty finishes and coatings for the North American construction industry. Senergy's goal is to help our customers design and construct the most enduring buildings possible. Combining knowledge, expereience and the insight gained from listening to the customers' needs, enables Senergy to develop advanced, cost-effective wall systems, finishes and coatings. [Scottdale branch only]


ACROCRETE - Acrocrete, Inc. was established to manufacture a full line of acrylic formulated base and finish texture coats for use as architectural finishes. With its primary manufacturing facility in Atlanta, Georgia it is well placed to service a broad geographical area. The Acrocrete product line includes standard acrylic based finishes in a variety of finish textures, as well as silicone and elastomeric enhanced textured products. It's products provide value added benefits to standard stucco products, and are used extensively in the commercial and residential markets in both new and renovation construction.
CULTURED STONE - Cultured Stone® has everything you need for innovative and unique interior and exterior residential, commercial and landscape applications. We have exceptional products and an unmatched variety of colors and textures that provide you with countless ways to create awe-inspiring custom looks.
FRY REGLET - We have been distributors of Fry Reglet products for over 30 years. The Fry Reglet line of extruded aluminum reveals, reglets and trim accessories bring beauty and durability to the plaster and drywall applications.
GEORGIA FOAM - Georgia Foam, Inc. offers aged EPS for EIFS systems and custom architectural shapes and moldings produced from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). EPS is a lightweight closed cell resilient foamed plastic. This material is manufactured from virgin beads with no regrinds added.

VINYL CORP - A myriad of vinyl trim accessories for stucco, plaster, drywall, EIFS and DEFS applications.

NATIONAL GYPSUM - Suppliers of premium quality gypsum plaster products such Gypsolite and Two-Way Hardwall as well as the Kal-Kote veneer plaster systems.
HOLCIM - Long recognized under their Rainbow and Santee labels, Holcim is an international manufacturer of cement products for the construction industry and our primary supplier of our bagged cement products for the plastering and stone trades. From Portland cement to Type N and Type S masonry cements, Holcim offers it all.
K-LATH - A reputation for quality, reliability, innovation and exceptional service in the manufacture of lath and stucco products has enabled K-Lath to carve a solid niche in the construction industry. For over 50 years K-Lath has produced welded wire and paper-backed reinforcing products for stucco. Indeed the name "K-Lath" has become a generic term for describing proper stucco reinforcing. K-Lath manufactures its products in Fontana, California for shipment across the United States.
PLASTIC COMPONENTS - Plastic Components has the EIFS accessoreis you need for essentials like high impact corners, straight lines...products with excellent finish and caulk adhesion! Plus, money saving features that save in installation time and eliminate costly call backs.
U.S. GYPSUM - Suppliers of the most recognized interior gypsum plaster products in the industry.
GEORGIA LATHING & PLASTERING ASSOIATION - The Georgia Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association is a multipurpose, non-profit organization dedicated to excellence through education and service within the trowel trade industry. We promote the highest ethics and encourage members to represent these standards through the quality of service that they offer to their customers, enhancing the stature of our profession.