W.R. GRACE - Waterproofing a building structure is a critical element of its design and construction and no name is as synonomous with waterproofing as W. R. Grace. For almost 50 years, Grace Construction Products has been an established leader in waterproofing technology. For below-grade and above-grade waterproofing, names like Bithuthene, Hydro-Duct and Ice & Water Shield have been applied by the billions of square feet and protect buildings and homes world-wide from water intrusion.
SONNEBORN - A leader in protective coatings, concrete products and waterproofing systems, Sonneborn is a name that you can count on. The Sonneborn line of polyurethane sealants such as NP-1 and NP-2 are workhorses of the construction industry. But within this product group, you will find thousands of products designed to solve specific problems.